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Kukhany'okusha Zion Church Partnerships

Global Ministries

Formalised in 1990 originally with Division of Overseas Ministries through the leadership of Elder Bishop A.M. Dlamini of Dan Hoffman of the Christrian Church (Disciples of Christ) During his time Elder Bishop Dlamini visited th US five times, strengthening relationships with Disciples and telling the story of Swaziland.In July 2011, current Bishop S.E. Mkhonta and his wife toured the US for 5 weeks, attending the General Assembly of the Disciples in Nashville, Tennessee, and the General Synod of the United Church of Christ in Tampa, Florida, USA


The following are links from Bishop and Make Bishop during their tour:

Video interview with Make Bishop Mkhonta during her visit to the US in July 2011 
Interview with Bishop Mkhonta during his visit to the US in July 2011  (article)

Global Ministries, a common witness of the Division of Overseas Ministries, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and Wider Church Ministries, United Church of Christ, is committed to a ministry of Critical Presence where we meet in a timely and appropriate manner God's people and creation at the point of deepest need: spiritually, physically, emotionally, and/or economically.

Council of Swaziland Church

We are members of the Council of Swaziland Churches which itself is affiliated to the World Council of Churches.

The KZC General Code of Fellowship

The KZC General Code of Fellowship adheres to the code of conduct as alluded to by Saint Paul in his epistle to the Church of Thessalonica [5th Chapter, verses 11-24]. This is meant to ensure healthy happy church life for the membership of KZC, who band together in any locality. This epistle depicts seven modes of behavior or attitudes that in the view of KZC are the right principles to be placed into practice as a seed-bed for fruit bearing fellowship, having been sanctified by God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

The Vision & Mission of KZC

KZC is by and large governed by an operational and administrative policy that seeks to enhance her growth and empowerment. This policy emphasizes four key performance areas. These are:

Spiritual Edification & Growth

KZC extensively concentrates on spiritual teachings that seek to replenish and nourish the inner-most being of any of her members. It is believed that spiritual motivation intensifies the level of faith in any believer, hence is considered the true foundation of anything that may exist there-after. Conversely put, we must first believe in the Son of Man, then, conceive the principles of His gospel, so as to receive the promises of God.

Membership Growth[Evangelism & Discipleship]

KZC is committed to honor up to the attributes and dynamics of the Great Commission in Jesus Christ. This is non-either than to convert all humanity to the Christian faith, not to be just mere followers but true disciples of Jesus Christ and ambassadors of the Heavenly Kingdom.

Economic Growth & Balance[ Adequate Revenue & Assets]

KZC relies on the Epistle of John to the early church where he stated that every believer needs to experience balanced prosperity. Elaborately put, Saint John alludes to the fact that economic growth and balance is much depended on spiritual growth and physical empowerment whether relatively or with relation to.

Social Responsibility [Communal Love & Care]

KZC models the church of the early times which was governed by a communal policy. In carrying the necessary measures to fulfill the requirements of social responsibility, KZC will embark on, in –reach and out -reach programs enabling her to win souls into the Kingdom of God.


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