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   Aims & Objective

To represent the mission and vision of the church in accordance with the teachings and commandments of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
  1. To discover and commit a personal friendship with God through His son Jesus Christ and the fellowship of the Holy Ghost.
  2. To serve provide a holistic ministry through programs that will help assist the church to be actively and meaningfully involved in dealing with pivotal issues or societal ills affecting our communities both internally and externally.
  3. To develop a positive inter- Christian fellowship and or inter-communal communication, with other Christian organizations and or communities at large. Furthermore to learn to affirm and value others, treating them with honour, dignity and respect including promoting healthy and positive interfaith relations.
  4. To commit to personally abstain from irresponsible, idle and non-fruitful behaviour, while increasing the knowledge and understanding in leading a Christ motivated lifestyle.

 Core Values

   Dependence on God

   Responsiveness & Innovation

   Responsible Financial Policy

   Positive Approach

   Ministry, Gift & Skill Based

   Interactive or Participatory Commission

   The HIV & AIDS Policy

   Christian Lifestyle & Inter-faith Culture

   In-touch with Reality

   Formative Education

The Operational Programs of KZC

In her endeavour to carry out her ministry, KZC will so much depend on the gifts, talents & expertise readily available in the church. All this shall determine the establishment and sustenance of the Operational Programs and Services of KZC

The Wednesday Prayer & Intercession [1800 hours- 1930 hours] -This is the prayer and intercession school where every person called into the ministry of intercession is to partake. This will be the opportunity to attend to prayer requests by members of KZC and or, observer members.

The Sunday Socio-spiritual Morning Classes [0900 hours- 0955 hours] - KZC conducts socio-spiritual classes for its entire membership, though the segments are divided: Infant Classes; Youth Classes; Adult Female Classes; and Adult Male Classes. Every member of KZC is expected to participate in this activity.

The Sunday Choir Practice Session [1000 hours- 1055 hours] - KZC facilitates music sessions the form of choir practice. These sessions are meant to shape our music for the better and help us make an authentic joyful melody to God. There exist the Bishop’s or Infant Church Choir, the Youth Church Choir and the Main or Adult Church Choir.


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